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    Emergence: Infestation

    Book Two of the Emergence Series by JT Sawyer.

    Emergence Infestation, Volume 2 - A Thriller by JT SawyerIn the aftermath of the pandemic, humanity is on the cusp of extinction as the mutant undead sweep throughout the world. The deadly virus has created a new predator that is far more intelligent and ruthless than anything mankind has ever faced. And the threat from the alphas is increasing as they evolve. Epidemiologist Selene Munroe comes up with a daring solution for gaining a foothold against the deadly virus, but will it be enough to save the human race before it’s too late? On another front, CIA operative Will Reisner and his team need to join forces with an unlikely ally to prevent another cyber-attack that could thrust the entire country into the dark ages. Battling legions of parasite-ridden creatures to get to their objective, Reisner finds his resolve stretched to the limit. Loyalties are tested and he must come to grips with a shocking reality that could jeopardize his team’s already uncertain future.

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    Print Length: 205 pages
    Publication Date: December 17, 2017

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