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    Emergence: Incursion

    Book Three of the Emergence Series by JT Sawyer.

    Emergence Incursion, Volume 3 - A Thriller by JT Sawyer, AuthorThe battle against one enemy from abroad has just ended while another on the ravaged streets of L.A. has just begun for Will Reisner and his team. A deadly game of pursuit is underway as Reisner and his fellow operators evade the Paras hunting them as they make their way through the burned-out shell of the city while awaiting a rescue that may never come. Volume 3 in the pulse-pounding Emergence Series picks up immediately after the events of the second book and will have you clutching the edge of your seat.

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    Print Length: 184 pages
    Publication Date: February 18, 2018
    ASIN: B078GNJ46Y

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