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    Emergence: Extinction

    Book Five of the Emergence Series by JT Sawyer. 

    Emergence Extinction, Volume 5 - A Thriller Series by JT Sawyer, WriterAfter the grueling battle at MacDill AFB, Reisner and his elite team of operators are on the hunt for the super-alpha known as Roland. With all eyes focused on the Southeastern U.S., Reisner and Selene string together a series of puzzling intel that will enable the military to zero in on the creature and deliver a crippling blow to the Paras worldwide. Unknown to all of them is Roland’s plan to increase his alphas in a macabre undertaking that will further twist the laws of nature and unleash creatures even more terrifying than anyone can imagine.

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    Print Length: 186 pages
    Publication Date:  October 6, 2018

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