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    Emergence: Eradication

    Book Four of the Emergence Series by JT Sawyer.

    Emergence Eradication, Volume Four - A Thriller by JT Sawyer, AuthorWith the Paras relocating to numerous nuclear bases around the U.S., Will Reisner and Doctor Selene Munroe are in a race against time to complete the new bioweapon and employ it against the growing legions of mutant creatures bent on exterminating the human race. Little do Reisner and his team of elite operators know that this battle is only the beginning as the emerging leader among the Paras has a broader plan for invasion that will put all of the country’s remaining military units in the crosshairs.

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    Print Length: 181 pages
    Publication Date:  April 25, 2018
    ASIN: B07BMH8QN5

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