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    Emergence: Annihilation

    Emergence - Annihilation. A Thriller Book by JT SawyerBook Six of the Emergence Series by JT Sawyer.

    With Will Reisner recovering from his near-death encounter with Roland while battling his own demons, the remaining elements of the U.S. fleet in the Gulf are undertaking last-ditch efforts to secure the remaining fuel supply for their vessels amidst growing hordes of Paras along every seaside port. Unknown to them all is the presence of a new, hybrid alpha living in their midsts and watching their every move.

    Doctor Selene Munroe is heading to a new facility in the Bahamas to continue large-scale development of the bioweapon when she learns of a potential method for eliminating the alphas, leading General Dorr to consider crossing a line that he never imagined possible.

    With Nick’s powers increasing daily and exceeding Roland’s, the ambitious, young super-alpha lays out his plans to strike a devastating blow against the humans that could alter the course of the war and forever change the future of mankind.

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    Print Length: 191 pages
    Publication Date: March 2, 2019

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