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    The Fourth Book in the Mitch Kearns Series!

    Blindsided: A Mitch Kearns Combat Tracker StoryEleven years ago, three Mossad operatives embarked upon a rescue mission in Africa that would have a ripple effect on their lives and the futures of their loved ones. Now, years later, Dev, Mitch, and their Gideon team are framed for a killing by an unknown assailant whose grasp extends beyond international borders. With Gideon being shuttered because of criminal charges on the anniversary of the founder’s death, Dev must battle against overwhelming forces to uncover who is responsible for trying to dismantle her company and alter the elections in the Israeli Parliament. With only days until a critical vote that could reshape national politics for generations, Dev and Mitch must elude their pursuers and track down the clues that her father had kept hidden in a mysterious safehouse.

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    Print Length: 216 pages
    Publication Date: December 14, 2016

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