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    A little trivia about me…!

    Before becoming a fulltime writer, I used to spend around 220 days a year living in the wilds, teaching bushcraft courses.

    If I could travel back in time it would be to the 1870s in Arizona.

    I left college after two years in search of adventure in the Western wilderness.

    I guided 21-day survival trips and worked for adjudicated youth programs for four years. More than enough adventure.

    I went back to college and almost got an English degree but succumbed to the lure of anthropology instead.

    When I need to take a break from writing, I delve into woodcarving.

    I’ve had the great fortune of teaching survival courses for the military special operations community.

    My family and I have been involved in dog rescue for years on the Navajo Reservation.

    My writing is most productive in the mornings after a short run with my dogs or a long road-trip.

    I like the desert and triple-digit heat because of a particularly grueling ordeal in Idaho.

    My most grueling survival ordeal happened during a 21-day survival trip in Idaho when the temps plunged to -35 degrees.

    My kids keep encouraging me to sample other TV shows besides the original Star Trek Series.

    When I finish a manuscript, I celebrate by taking myself out for Thai food then go to a bookstore.

    I’ve lived in tipis, caves, hogans, pine-needle shelters, and a renovated 1920 loft in downtown Detroit.

    The end of my pen name comes from a dastardly character called Sawyer on the show LOST.

    My favorite place in the country is the Four-Corners region, particularly Bluff, Durango, and Chama.

    I’ve been involved in the martial arts since I was 16, ranging from Filipino to Aikido and currently BJJ.

    My favorite movies are The Snow Walker, Big Wednesday, Chasing Mavericks, and Ben Hur.

    I thought of becoming a professional storyteller and traveling the circuit but find writing better suits me.

    I once found mountain lion tracks in the sand next to my head on a weeklong primitive trek.

    I am grateful that wildcats mostly prefer deer.

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