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    JT Sawyer is the pen name for Tony Nester. For 27 years, Tony made his living teaching survival courses and guiding trips throughout the Four-Corners Region and Western U.S. He has taught courses for the military special operations community, Department of Homeland Security, US Marshals, NTSB, FAA and other federal agencies throughout the country. Tony… More About JT >>>

    My new survival thriller, Escape & Evade is Live on Amazon!

      This is a standalone thriller about a former CIA agent who becomes the target of a manhunt in the Four-Corners region. Nate Hendrix is loosely connected with a few of the characters from my Search And Destroy Series but you don’t have to be familiar with that series to enjoy this book. It is… Onward >>>

    I am grateful that wildcats mostly prefer deer.

    I’ve lived in tipis, caves, hogans, pine-needle shelters, and a renovated 1920 loft in downtown Detroit.

    I guided 21-day survival trips and worked for adjudicated youth programs for four years. More than enough adventure.

    I like the desert and triple-digit heat because of a particularly grueling ordeal in Idaho.

    I’ve had the great fortune of teaching survival courses for the military special operations community.

    I thought of becoming a professional storyteller and traveling the circuit but find writing better suits me.

    The end of my pen name comes from a dastardly character called Sawyer on the show LOST.

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